We Don't Work With Clients, We Create Raving Fans! Here's What They Say About Us:

Mark B. Mark B., Philadelphia, USA

I just started a new business, which means nobody knows about my products yet. Having access to all these people who are talking about my niche has allowed me to start interacting with leads and make sales right away.

Daniel S. Daniel S., Houston, USA

I started working as a freelancer back in 2009 and its tools like these that keep my business running. Because of the low quality freelancers who compete on marketplaces like Upwork, I have no choice but to use other tools. Lead Monkey is just perfect for lead gen.

Chrissie D. Chrissie D., Alberta, CA

Thank you so much LeadMonkey team. I used to live paycheck to paycheck doing freelance writing work. LeadMonkey gives me an extra 3 to 5 clients a month, which means almost double the income! Keep on being awesome!

Nathan K. Nathan K., San Francisco, USA

Our online store specializes in custom fishing rods and fishing accessories. Google ads aren't targeted enough for our business. Thanks to Lead Monkey, we are able to target leads from around the world and have created a strong niche following online.

Jessica L. Jessica L., Manchester, UK

As a recruiter, I want to stay connected with potential clients all the time. I use Lead Monkey to find and identify potential leads and it has worked wonders for me. Thanks for the cool app.

Felix R. Felix R., Denver, USA

This tool rocks!

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